Lecture Differential Topology



  1. "An Introduction to manifolds", Loring W. Tu
  2. "Differential Topology", Morris W. Hirsch

Further used literature: 

  1. "Differential forms in Algebraic Topology", Bott--Tu
  2. "Topology from the differentiable view point", Milnor
  3. Notes on differential forms part 6: Top cohomology, Poincare duality and degree, Texas Austin
  4. Math 703 Part 2: Vector bundles, Weimin Chen 



Course task: In this course we learn about manifolds, i.e. locally Euclidean spaces, and how we transfer the anlysis, e.g. integration and differentiation, from R^n to smooth manifolds. The relation between manifolds and Euclidean spaces is like the relation between special relativity and Newton mechanics, i.e. global to local. Manifolds show up in many places, as for example as phase-spaces and energy surfaces (mechanics), as parametrized hypersufaces, space-time (physics), Lie groups, indifference surfaces (economics).  .





Course content:

  1. Manifolds, submanifolds, tangent bundle, differential maps, immersions, submersions, approximation,
  2. Whitney embedding theorem
  3. Regular value theorem and transversality
  4. Morse-Sard theorem
  5. Stoke's  theorem
  6. Differential forms and the de Rham complex
  7. Mayer-Vietoris sequence
  8. Vector bundles


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