My current publications

Msc Daniel Skodlerack. Beschreibung affiner Gebäude und der Ubergang
zu Zentralisatoren.
Diplomarbeit HU-Berlin, 2005.

Daniel Skodlerack. Embedding types and canonical affine maps
between bruhat-tits buildings of classical groups., 2010.

1 Daniel Skodlerack. The centralizer of a classical group and bruhat
tits buildings
Annales de l’Institut Fourier, 63(2):515–546, 2013.
2 Daniel Skodlerack. Embeddings of local fields in simple algebras
and simplicial structures.
Publ. Mat., 58(2):499–516, 2014.
3 Daniel Skodlerack. Field embeddings which are conjugate under a
p-adic classical group.
Manuscripta Mathematica, pages 1–25, 2014.

Daniel Skodlerack and Shaun Stevens. Intertwining semisimple
characters for p-adic classical groups
Nagoya Mathematical Journal, 1-69, 2018, doi:10.1017/nmj.2018.23

5 Robert Kurinczuk, Daniel Skodlerack, Shaun Stevens. Endo-classes for p-adic classical Groups (revised version), pages 1--44, arxiv:1611.02667 (old version), submitted to Inventiones Mathematicae. Preprint, 2016.

Daniel Skodlerack. Semisimple characters for inner forms I: GLm(D), pages 1--43, arxiv:1703.04904, submitted to Algebras and Representation Theory. Preprint 2017.


Daniel Skodlerack. Semisimple characters for inner forms II: Quaternionic forms of p-adic classical groups (p odd), pages 1--30 arxiv:1801:00265, Preprint 2017

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