Pure Undergraduate seminar 1   Spring 2024

In the Spring Undergraduate seminar the participants  studying through recommended books. Topics: (Reference for questions)

  1. Algebraic Topology: A. Hatcher, Algebraic Topology, Chapter 2 and 3. (Prof. Shi Wang)
  2. Hodge Theory: Claire Voisin, Hodge Theory and Complex Algebraic Geometry I, Chapter 5 to 8 (Prof. Ziyuan Ding)
  3. Algebraic number theory and local class field theory: J. Neukirch, Algebraic number theory, Chapter 2 to 5,  J.-P. Serre, Local fields, as a related reference, (Prof. Daniel Skodlerack) 
  4. Smooth representation theory and local Langlands: Bushnell-Henniart, Local Langlands for GL(2) (Prof. Daniel Skodlerack)
  5. Non-linear dispersive equations: J. Duoandikoetxea, Fourier Analysis, Chapter 1 to 5, Chapter 8; and T. Tao,, Nonlinear dispersive equations, Chapter 1 to 3 (Prof. Haitian Yue)

The students give a regular report on their reading.

Tuesdays 6pm-7:40pm, IMS S506 Starting at March the 5th. 



  1. March 5th: Report on reading on p-adic numbers, Topic 3. "Non-Archimedian valuations and completions" (Yulun Wu)
  2. March 12th on Topic 1: Section 3.1.1 "Cohomology groups and the Universal Coeffiecient Theorem" (Yiyang Gong)
  3. March 19th on Topic 2: Chapter 5 "Harmonic forms and Cohomology" (Yutong Li)
  4. March 26th on Topic 3 (related): "Mordell's Theorem" (Jiande Zhang)
  5. April 2nd on Topic 5: "Fourier transform and Sobolev spaces" (Liang Shang)
  6. April 9th on Topic 3: "Extending p-adic absolute value on finite extensions of Q_p and normed vector spaces". (Yulun Wu)
  7. April 16th on Topic 1:  Section 3.1.2: "Cohomology of spaces" (Yiyang Gong)
  8. April 23rd on Topic 2: Chapter 6 "Hodge theory in Case of Kähler manifolds" (Yutong Li)
  9. April 30th on Topic 3: "Conics and p-adic numbers" (Jiande Zhang)
  10. May 7th on Topic 5: "Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator and singular integrals" (Liang Shang)
  11. May 14th on Topic 3 (Yulun Wu)
  12. May 21st on Topic 1 "The cup product" (Yiyang Gong)
  13. May 28th on Topic 2 "Singular integrals" (Liang Shang)
  14. June 4th on Topic 3 (Jiande Zhang)
  15. June 11th on Topic 5 (Yutong Li)








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